Our homemade product

We are pleased to announce that we are able to take orders for our homemade organic products.

VILIJAMOVKA RAKIJA (Schnapps made from the William Pear)

A favourite ‘lady’ among the family of pears. “Vilijamovka” has a distinct aroma and rich flavour which makes this an irresistible schnapps.  By carefully prepared distillation we make every effort to produce a schnapps of the highest quality.  It has been proven that moderate intake can act as a preventative for certain ailments such as the development of diabetes type 2! Cheers!

ŠLJIVKA EMOTIVKA (Schnapps made from plums local to the area of Bosanski Petrovac)

In the beautiful clearings and highlands of Petrovac, with record days of sunshine, sprung from the ground – “Plums of Petrovac”! Somehow, just as man, this fruit tree has given in to the harshness of natural selection – the result is quality, juicy plums.  For this reason we feel a great responsibility towards this plum today.  As an exceptional organic product it is in order for us to distill quality plum schnapps! Cheers!


Our plum jam is made for your sweet pleasures by traditional recipes without additives and has minimum additional sugar.


In Autumn, with the first frost we begin to fill our pantry in preparation for a harsh mountain winter.  It’s then that nature provides in abundance a unique fruit bursting with vitamin C, foraged from a pure, organic environment.  The fruit is wild rosehip, hidden away from the dust and dirt of towns, cities and vehicles under the protection of the forest. Carefully foraged and prepared by traditional recipe, with minimal additional sugar and no additives. During winter days our jam will provide you will needed energy and protect you from colds and flu.  It can be on your table for your families sweet pleasures.


Prepared and cured at our Village by traditional recipes – “Just as Grandad loved …”