Ethno Village ČARDAKLIJE

Ethno village “Čardaklije” is located close to Bosanski Petrovac, in the village of Vrtoče.

Čardaklije is in an ideal location – 30km (19 miles) from the major road Bihać to Sarajevo, 12km (7.5 miles) from the National Park, Una, 2 hours from the Adriatic Sea and 70km (44 miles) from Plitvica Lakes.

Ethno Village ČARDAKLIJE


Today in Čardaklije we are still working and living as our ancestors did. Your experience can comprise of getting to know Čardak, the highest building on the property where meat and milk are prepared by traditional methods, to the Guest House, which is the central building of the village, containing our restaurant with 70 seating places and a garden that seats 200. Situated close by we have Bosnian houses where antique craftsmen’s tools are preserved, traditional jams and teas are prepared and finally there is a House of Fun for those who are lovers of a little tipple.

Čardaklije offers our guests a warm, natural atmosphere with traditional food and drink. For those who love an active break we offer horseriding or riding horse and carriages. Within the center we have a hall for educational and seminar purposes with a capacity for 50 persons. Close to the center is accommodation. These are traditional country homes comprised of apartments with 2 to 6 beds …

For some you will take a trip back to your childhood with the colour of dried rosehip tea, the odour of elderflower, the taste of plum jam all made by traditional recipes and for others this will be a truly unique experience. As your hosts, we are proud to have a beautiful natural environment that we cherish and want share with you.


The idea began with two brothers, Zoran and Zdravko Radošević.

The surname, Radoševići, goes back to the 14th Century and originate from Lika which is located under Velebit.

The tale starts this way …

A blind man got down from his blind horse under the southern slope of Grmeč. He stopped at a stream called Skakavac that runs down the cliff. They were ordered “Stop here, here we make our home.” At this place Radoševići stayed for almost a century. They then moved to be scattered at the foot of the mountain and some over it.

In 1858 one of 3 brothers, named Ilija, moved away from his brothers. He built an unusual house, tall and elegant, that the inhabitants of the village called “Čardak” “Tower”, and the owners were named “Čardaklije” “People Of the Tower”. Ilija’s son, Nikola, nisam sigurna sto ovo znaći:

kada su davane tapije na posjed, za svoj čardak je dobio broj 10.

One of Nikola’s sons, Vid, remained on the property. He was a farmer until his death. The house has since disappeared along with Ilija, Nikola, and great grandfather Vid but “Čardaklije” remain today in order to keep the tradition and way of life at the place where their ancestors from long ago were ordered to “Stop here, here we make our home”.


Today in Čardaklije we are still working and living as our ancestors, the family Radošević, did 150 years ago.

At our Ethno Village Čardaklije we offer the possibility to rest and enjoy traditional food and drink in anethnic atmosphere. Far from the hustle and bustle of city and town life, away from modern technology you can exchange everyday routines with rest and enjoyment in nature, listening to birdsong, the footsteps of horse hooves … Of course, for all who For those who love an active break we offer horseriding and driving horse and carriages, bikeriding on woodland paths and mountain hiking. “Čardaklije” offers getting to know old, traditional craftsmanship such as loom weaving, forging and spinning wool. Our goal is for you to have a truly unique experience of our traditional way of life and to promote the richness of our heritage in this area of the world.

Welcome to all our dear guests!

Your Ethno Village “Čardaklije” – “People of the Tower”