"Čardaklije" is located close to Bosanski Petrovac, in the village of Vrtoče.
Čardaklije is in an ideal location - 12km (7.5 miles) from the National Park, Una, 2 hours from the Adriatic Sea and 70km (44 miles) from Plitvica Lakes.
Today in Čardaklije we are still working and living as our ancestors, the family Radošević, did 150 years ago

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On warm, sunny days, in the atmosphere of oak woods, in a grassy coppice by a brick fire is the ideal place for EATING, entertaining and conversation in the shade ...


We offer comfortable accommodation close to the family home. Traditional country homes comprised of apartments with 2 to 6 beds ...


Exploring the surrounding area of the family property as well as activities within the grounds themselves ...


Our homemade products are carefully prepared. They are rakija Viljamovka (pear schnapps), rakija Šljivovica (plum schnapps), plum and rosehip jam ...


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Foto Safari

‘PHOTO SAFARI’ is our offer for all guests who enjoy photography in untouched nature and who with their own cameras wish to catalogue the phenomenom that is the beauty of nature.

As part of this offer it is understood that we will visit the National Park UNA and visit the Old Town of Pset, Bosanska Krupa and the Old Town of Ostrožac, Cazin. The following are also offered by Ethno Village Čardaklije, created to inspire you forever:

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Full contact

“FULL CONTACT” is an offer for guests who enjoy an active break, walking in nature and cycling! Along with your stay at “Čardaklija” and activities that are part of the Village itself we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience National Park UNA (located at Kulen Vakuf, Martin Brod and Štrbački buk) and the mountain of Osječenica.

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Work Therapy

“WORK THERAPY” is an offer created for all guests through a new experience wish to enjoy the ambient of village life, gastronomy and other offers … whilst at the same time, through activities, want to be a part of the everyday work in the village.

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Autumn Trips for Adults

“WHAT’S THAT IN THE POT THAT’S COOKING” is an offer we have created for all guests who wish to enjoy the true atmosphere of our ethnic village. For those who wish to take part in preparing homemade specialities, winter pickles, foraging fruits of the forest and healing plants and preparing homemade jams. All of which you can take home with you as a delightful memory of your time at “Čardaklije” !

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Autumn Trips for Children


A one day trip to Ethno Village “Čardaklije” for primary school children.

This autumn at Ethno Village “Čardaklije” we are organising one day trips on our property with the theme “Healthy Eating”.

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