Autumn Trips for Children

September 15, 2015


A one day trip to Ethno Village “Čardaklije” for primary school children.

This autumn at Ethno Village “Čardaklije” we are organising one day trips on our property with the theme “Healthy Eating”.

Offer includes:

Arrival at the Village 10:00 am at the latest
Tour and getting to know the Ethno Village “Čardaklije” (for those who are first time visitors)
Game “Treasure Hunt” (theme: The Diet Pyramid, researching the ingredients for making beans, description of the game is attached)
Collecting fruits of the forest (rosehips, sloes and hops) and making homemade teas with the fruits collected.
Hanging out with the horses
Lunch at 14:00 – beans that the children have prepared, ćevapi (mini mince meat sausages) and homemade juice.
Free activities until return home

Price: 10KM per person

NOTICE: It’s important that you keep to the time of arrival and lunchtime. Please make sure that the children have had breakfast before arrival at Ethno Village “Čardaklije”.

We are willingly available for all other information!

Attachment: Explanation of activities

Activity 1: “Treasure Hunt”

This is an extremely dynamic activity that takes place outside on the whole property of the Village. This activity has the theme “The Diet Pyramid”. The children have the task of finding the parts of the pyramid that have been hidden on the property. They will also have the task of finding all the ingredients for making beans and various teas. There are a series of tasks and puzzles to be solved each time a piece of “treasure” is found in order for the pyramid to grow. When each part is found it needs to be added to the pyramid. There will be a short presentation about healthy eating.

Activity 2: Taking part in preparing beans for the kitchen:

Our wish in this activity is to promote healthy eating and for the children to take delight in degustation of food in nature. Our Chef will prepare an open fire, a cauldron (pot) and ingredients for the stewed vegetables (onions, carrots, beans, water …). At the end of the “Treasure Hunt” activity the children will help the Chef to finish the beans. The Chef will explain to them through conversation what is needed to make the stewed vegetables and in which way beans are made.

Activity 3: Preparing homemade tea

Children will be supervised as they collect fruits of the forest (rosehip, sloes and hops) and prepare various teas. After this they will have the opportunity to taste the rewards of their “foraging”.

Activity 4: Hanging out with the horses – horseriding for beginners

We have prepared a short lesson for those children who have already had a chance to visit our property and to experience horseriding. This activity is for children who are sure around horses and who are not afraid to begin riding alone. They will learn how to use reigns, give commands for the horse to move ahead, left, right and to stop.

We offer supervised assistance for children who have no previous experience with horses.

NOTICE: There exists the possibility that some children don’t like beans, and in general cooked food. For this reason we make available a small portion of beans and 5 ćevapi (small mince sausages).

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